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James Horn, AIA   |   Spears Horn Architects

1,000 SF addition and renovation to a 1,000 SF 1952 American Standard house in Casa Solana, Santa Fe, NM for a couple and their teenage children. House has been renovated incrementally over the years with the addition being latest phase of construction to this 1/8 of an acre corner site.

Intent of all improvements, and specifically this addition, have been to make the house more functional and more energy efficient for a family of four. The addition strives to provide an expansive solution on a small site while creating a comfortable refuge in a suburban Santa Fe neighborhood.

Warm grey stucco and dark brown corrugated metal siding, matching window cladding, steel features, colored concrete. Use of birch, poplar, maple woods, fir windows. Pre-fab and custom cabinetry. Rain water collection and passive solar techniques utilized.

. minimal / clean lines – contemporary

. earthen / metal tones

. connect to suburban site – new outdoor spaces

. expansive - in / out

. natural light – windows, skylight and lay-out

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location / santa fe . nm   

completion / 2019

area /   1,000 sf    exist / renovated

  1,000 sf   new / addition

  2,000 sf   total

structure / wood frame, turn-down concrete slab

materials + systems / dark brown corrugated steel siding and polished concrete slab, dark brown steel features, accent colors at entries

site features / western cedar fence / gates, permeable surface parking, concrete pavers / gravel, drought tolerant plants, rainbarrels + drywells, free-standing shed, vegetable garden, honey bee hives

sustainable features / passive solar location, ultra efficient heating and hot water heater, low-flow plumbing fixtures, permeable surface parking and site materials, drought tolerant plants, rainbarrels + drywells, wired for future solar car charger and pv panels

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