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Paul Stevenson Oles, FAIA   |   Interface Architects

Situated on a spectacular promontory in a charming Santa Fe subdivision, this energy-efficient contemporary residence is designed for livability. The orthogonal plan, oriented to the cardinal directions, is built entirely on a single level adjacent to a cul-de-sac, facilitating comfortable ‘aging in place.’

The elevated site and open plan afford a stunning eastern view of not only the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, but the entire city of Santa Fe. The southern exposure provides perfect orientation for the extensive array of rooftop photovoltaic modules, and a private sunning or gardening terrace. The north and west elevations are virtually windowless, ideal for the local climate.

Award-winning energy features include the active solar collection (connected to a dedicated 240 Volt vehicle charging station in the garage) and a capacious subgrade cistern that captures roof runoff for automatic irrigation of the landscaping. The project has received a USGBC certification as a LEED Gold residence.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico
Completed: August 2018
Building Area: 2,811 GSF (conditioned)
Structure: Insulated Wood Frame
Materials and Systems: Concrete floors / stucco exterior walls / TPO roof
Heating: Radiant floor / Cooling: 4 mini-splits
Interior Walls: Variance plaster
Site Features: 5,025 gallon subgrade cistern, automatic permaculture irrigation, LED wayfinding lighting
Sustainability Features: 5.25 Kw roof-mounted photovoltaic array, 240V garage charging station, Energy Star appliances, LED interior lighting, low flow fixtures

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