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Devendra Narayan Contractor, AIA & Deirdre Harris, AIA   |   DNCA llc

The Levitated Toy Factory engages the growth of downtown Albuquerque while preserving its presence in an established urban context. The 6,000 s.f. building has decades of history, and was occupied by the news media until its renovation in 2014.
With flexible gallery and education spaces, the public component of the project is ideal for lectures, events, and tech/art collaborations. The private zones of the building include offices and fabrication spaces.
The existing structural steel and original brick infill were purposefully maintained, while new interior spaces were created with the extensive use of natural light and LED light fixtures. All electrical needs, including 3-D printing and laser cutting labs, are met through the 22.5 kw solar panel canopy along the perimeter of the building.  This project is a successful example of building re-use and new technological systems; shaping light-filled spaces conducive to the creative process and experience.

Levitated Toy Factory: Client
Levitated Toy Factory: Pro Gallery


Location – Albuquerque, NM
Completed – March 2014
Building Area – 6,000 s.f.
Structure – Steel and masonry
Major Materials and Systems – Masonry, steel cladding and shade structures for solar panels, storefront
Sustainability Features – Solar panel array and shade structure enhances the urban landscape and life along the sidewalk

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