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Conrad Skinner, AIA

This project proposes a school schema of curved modules with transparent cores centered on gardens allowing the inhabitants to observe the circulation in their own vicinity and therefore feel safe.   Keeping an eye on one’s  own world imparts a sense of control. Integrated gardens reinforce that nature and growth are essential elements of their educational environment.  
In our time schools have been scenes of horrendous shootings often perpetrated by students upon their peers.  Institutional architecture, repressive by its instrumental and bureaucratic nature stifles creativity with regimented design indistinguishable from surveilled penal systems.  This project offers an alternative.

Pax School: Exhibitors
Pax School: Pro Gallery


Location: Many places 

Concept: 2500 Sf module composed of building panels, glass, vegetation, stone and natural materials 

The concept adapts to urban, suburban and rural sites  

The sustainable feature is the concept of a safe classroom where the students and teachers keep an eye on their educational space to ensure their well-being in an architecture conducive to learning.

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