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Alexander Dzurec, AIA   |   Autotroph

The Earth and her Inhabitants are experiencing unprecedented changes fueled by over-consumption, climate change and ecological collapse. With political tension, natural disasters and systems breaking down all around us, mobility is our greatest insurance policy.

Behold the Starship!  A sustainable, off-grid, mobile, community concept.

The symbolism of a Starship has been channeled to create a vibrant community, here on Earth, in order to transition to a new world of mobile, communal­­ living.

The Starship has landed on Earth to provide a common house / hub for the activities of a nomadic community. The flying saucer form provides live / work / gathering spaces inside a futuristic, circular structure.  Surrounding the Starship will be a small village of campsites for nomads to inhabit during their stay.

The Starship is constructed of pre-fabricated components that can be assembled and utilized for a period of time on a particular site; and then be disassembled, transported and re-assembled on a new site.  Modified shipping containers are re-purposed as flexible live / work and support spaces. In the center of the Starship is a large gathering space for activities as varied as concerts, parties, meetings, maker space, and co-working.

The starship is supported by off-grid infrastructure components so that the entire facility, and adjacent temporary community, can operate off the grid.  With this innovative concept, the Starship is a model for eco-conscious temporary communities.

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Concept - currently under development

Location – Earth

Building Area -  9,500 SF

Structure – Transportable Community Hub

Major Materials and Systems –  Modified Shipping Containers, Tensile Fabric Roof over Rock n Roll trusses, Geodesic Dome & Off-grid infrastructure.  

Site Features – Temporary community  / camping, off-grid infrastructure

Sustainability Features- 92 Kw PV system, Black Water treatment & re-use, 3,000 Gal. Greywater treatment & reuse, 6,000 Gal. Rainwater collection storage, Greenhouse food production, solid waste stream sorting & recycling.

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